Bubbly Bath Farts & Dusts

Step into a world of whimsy where bath time gets a bubbly upgrade! Dive into the playful lineup featuring Dragon Farts, Wizard Dust, Dinosaur Farts, Unicorn Farts, and Fairy Dust, all crafted with indulgent cocoa butter, sparkles and shine. Feel the fiery fizz of Dragon Farts, embrace the mystical charm of Wizard Dust, and relish the prehistoric bubbles of Dinosaur Farts. But hold on tight—there's more enchantment to explore!

Experience the magical essence of Unicorn Farts and the dazzling sparkle of Fairy Dust. Take your bath to a whole new fantastical level filled with laughter, cocoa butter goodness, and a shimmering spectacle. Ready for your next whimsical soak? Which bubbly delight will you choose?"